Added Spring Class

Hi everyone

I had such a large response for my Sunday/Wednesday classes that I needed to add another class:

So I did break it up in demographics which means Sunday/Wednesdays will be in Burlington and Hamilton below the escarpment (there is 1 spot left for this class) Starting this Sunday April 2.

And a new Saturday/Tuesday class that will be held in Caledonia, Binbrook and Hamilton mountain parks.

This new one has a lot of room still for enrollment. Saturdays will be 10:30-12 and Tuesdays will be 7-8:30pm This class will start after easter Tuesday April 18

I am cutting it off to 7 dogs in class.

A deposit of $250 is required in order to enroll in class so it is first come first serve basis.

Please let me know asap if you are interested.

Spring Classes 2017

I will be running a spring class starting Sunday April 2nd.

The classes will be Sunday/Wednesday classes.

Sundays will be 12-1:30pm and Wednesdays will be 7-8:30pm

The classes will be in Hamilton and Burlington parks. I change park locations each class.

Classes are $500

I will only be having 7 dogs max in class. To enroll in class, a deposit of $250 must be email transferred or a cheque sent (4149 River Road, Caledonia, ont, N3W 1T4)

Your dog will need a martingale collar and regular 6 foot leash. I will have martingales on me for the first day in case anyone wants to know more about them.

Classes are all about learning how to be a leader, learning how to communicate to your dog, socialization, how to mentally stimulate your dog, off leash walking and so much more

There is no treats for classes! I want you to learn to speak dog. I want your dog to love and respect you and I want to show your dog that you will love and respect him or her in return.

Please call or email me if you have further questions.

I am so excited to start a new set of classes. I absolutely love teaching these classes and watching dogs grow and learn. And the owners :)