Carrie's clients are her best advertising. Check out some amazing testimonials from past clients.

Brian and Susan

Let me start out by saying that I like millions of other people got a puppy (not my first) and took him to school, not for 1 level but for 2 levels of the treat training. I was pleased with how he behaved in the house for the most part, but last summer I had him up north miles from anywhere and it happened. He pushed past me at the door and started running, he would not respond to any of the things we had learned in classes, just kept running and running until it got to the point I thought I had lost him. I did get him back with the help of others and I am very grateful for that. When we returned home from this horrible weekend getaway, my husband contacted the Pattison Team to see if you had someone in our area teaching and you sent us the name of a young women in our area. We contacted her and began classes last October and finished in December,

We enrolled her in classes in March and we just finished them May 2012.

I have to say that you had directed me to the most wonderful Trainer Educator I have ever met. She is wonderful, and I feel like I have made a connection that will last a life time

I will never again in my life take a dog to any other type of training we had our May long weekend up north and it was wonderful dogs hiking with us, swimming in the lake, never having to worry if someone left the door opened ( and they did and both dogs came outside.) Both of the dogs came right back to us when called it was so enjoyable. I must thank both Brad and Carrie for this. For giving us the best of their experiences and know how to make our dogs better pets and us better owner.


Carrie has saved my dog Odin.  He was a rescue dog that we fostered and was an amazingly loving dog inside the home but to take him for a walk was a "new version of hell"..  He pulled constantly and went berserk whenever he saw another dog while walking. He had never been socialized with other dogs and his months at the SPCA in solitary confinement made him extremely insecure, which he covered with aggressive mannerisms.

We loved him but didn't know how to fix him and everyone in our family was nervous to walk him.   We met Carrie and started with the pack walks, then group training and now doggy daycare ... The night before the first pack walk, I could not sleep due to the fear and the conflict of having to  introduce him to so many dogs.   He did go crazy but Carrie calmed him down in the firm but caring way that she has.   

Odin has gotten better and better over these last couple of years.     We love him even more and are so thankful that Carrie never gave up on him... Her daycare is amazing for continuing to improve his socialization, have fun and blow off some of his high energy.  


Our dog, Lucy, was a very timid dog and super shy around other dogs when she started at The Canine Bond. When we would walk her and come across another dog, she would hide behind our legs. At the Canine Bond she would follow Carrie and walk the perimeter of the yard, away from the other dogs. With time, support, and training from Carrie, Lucy is a whole new dog! She practically breaks down the door when Carrie comes to pick her up. She is super excited to play with the other dogs. She runs, plays and engages with all dog breeds and sizes now, and she even helps new dogs feel comfortable within the pack. We can't believe the difference we have seen in Lucy is such a short time.  No matter the setting, Lucy is now happy and confident around all dogs!