Group training

All group classes are twice a week for 8 weeks. That is 16 classes in total!

This is real life training outdoors in real life situations. In these classes you will learn:

- your basic commands in a busy and distracting environment.

- to communicate in your dog's first language: Body language.

- to strengthen your bond with your dog and become a leader

- how to mentally stimulate your dog through urban agility and confidence building

- to work on your dog's social skills and off leash training

- all by having fun!

There are no treats or other form of bribery involved and training is in different parks throughout the city of Hamilton and Burlington. We also are starting training in Caledonia and Haldimand County!!!

All family members including children are encouraged to attend!

Class is rain or shine unless there is a thunder storm or the temperature is -30C.

Group classes - $500


Private training

Designed for busy schedules and specific problems in the home

For those that have very busy schedules and can't commit to twice a week training classes, we also offer in-home private training, where I come to your home and work with you and your family.
These private sessions are designed to fit your needs and whatever issues you are having.
Also good for very young puppies and basic training.

Each session is 1 1/2 -2 hours in length.

Private training - $150


Behaviour consults

There are 13 aggressions with dogs: Food, Dominance, Redirected, Maternal, Fear, Pain, Interdog, Play, Possessive, Territorial, Idiopathic, Predatory and Protective.

If you think your dog has any one or several of these, a behavior consult is required.
This is a private home visit where I access the dog and his or her behavior and construct a plan to be implemented in the home and a rehabilitation follow up plan.

Behavior consults are 2 hours or more in length 

Behaviour consults - $200