Carrie and The Canine Bond

Carrie Rottaris, founder of The Canine Bond, is a Certified Trainer, Educator and Behaviorist who has trained with Brad Pattison ("At the End of my Leash" and "Puppy SOS"), Shaun Ellis ("The Man Who Lives with Wolves") and others. Carrie has appeared in many newspaper articles and radio interviews.

Her dedication and experience has led to several forward-thinking and innovative training programs and events such as:

Hiking with your dog, First Aid for your dog, Fitness classes, Camping with your dog, and Family fun days (involving past and present groups, and their families) to name a few.

She has worked in Mexico studying feral dogs, taking part in a Spay and Neuter program taking street dogs to free clinics and having them fixed. Also, visiting local schools to help educate the children about dogs, and how to conduct themselves if they should encounter a street dog.

She has also opened up two very successful Doggie Daycares

The History

Carrie had been working with people and dogs for over 10 years and seeing something missing in the relationship between the dogs and their owners. Traditional training methods only seemed to get you so far. Bribery with treats and expecting the dogs to learn human not only did not work but seemed to form a barrier.

After further research, working with Brad Pattison and dedication Carrie had found the solution and thus founded "The Canine Bond". Through her courses and training she teaches how to effectively communicate with your dog through "their" language - body language . This is "treat free training", and learning the importance of mental stimulation in addition to physical. Continuing her studies has led her to become a Certified Canine Behaviorist and Instructor of Brad Pattison's dog training certification courses.

I started The Canine Bond because after over 10 years working with people and their dogs, I saw a disconnect with their relationship. Most people expect the dog to learn human but having studied dogs for so long, I started realizing that we need to speak dog.

We need to understand our individual dog’s needs, help them with not only physical stimulation but mental as well. Dogs are so much smarter than anyone gives them credit for. They love to learn and problem solve.

My training is without treats, toys or any other form of bribery. Your dog’s mom did not use these things with her puppies, so why are we introducing human bribery to our canines?
— Carrie