Pick up and Drop off Playtime and Education

Caledonia pick ups and drop offs



Versatility is what every dog needs. Most people’s complaints or issues are rooted in their dog’s socialization.

A lot of us believe that if our dogs play with the other dogs in the house or a couple of dog friends they know that they are socialized. Often they can’t understand why the dog lunged at another dog or barks his or her head off when they pass another dog. This is because your dog lacks versatility. Think about if you were limited to only a few people most of your life. Then went out in the world. How social would you be? How comfortable? You would see some very different and new ways and feel very insecure. You may shut down or you may become aggressive because you are scared.

Our daycare is more then letting your dog play and run. It is meant to teach your dog VERSATILITY. To be able to play with all sizes, ages and breeds. We teach the dogs that like to “bully” other dogs that they are not allowed to do this. We teach the dogs that lack confidence by introducing them slowly and making sure they are comfortable. We teach in a calm leadership role. Since opening in September, we have helped quite a lot of dogs gain confidence, learn not to freak out when they see another dog, learn to play in different ways (because every dog plays differently) and have fulfilled them by giving them a job, a purpose. Our daycare is run only by a dog behaviorist and trainer and are watched their entire stay. We value the learning and studying of dog behavior as well.

Our daycare is open Monday to Friday (excluding Holidays and extreme weather conditions)

Our pick up time is 9;30-10:30AM

Play and learn is 10:30am-1:30pm

Drop off time is 1:30pm-2:30pm

Cost $30

Drop offs are accepted as long as the dogs are dropped off at 10:30am and picked up at 1:30pm

All dogs must be vaccinated, have a history of no punctures or serious aggression (if so, they are welcome to get a private session regarding these issues) and must be met by staff beforehand.

Our 15,600 sq.ft. fenced in yard has so much space for your dog to run, play and hang out with a pack of dogs.

We have a large barn for the dogs to come and go if they please, with a wide open door that will be heated in the winter and cooled in the summer. There are dog beds provided in the barn for the dogs that need a rest or snuggle.

We also have a large shelter in the middle of the yard during the summer for shade as well as a vast amount of kiddy pools and water for the dogs throughout their entire stay. New trees have been planted so that shade will eventually be everywhere.