Glenn Lickers

Glenn has been working at the Socialization Center since we opened. He is a Certified Trainer by The Canine Bond in Caledonia and has an amazing ability to gain dogs trust very quickly. He is very passionate and dedicated to every dog that comes through our door.


Michelle Armstrong

Hi! I'm Michelle Armstrong and I work at "The Canine Bond" Socialization center. When I'm not working with your awesome dogs, I am home with my 2 kids and 7 dogs. I am a local golden doodle breeder called Ollie's Acres and have done so for 5 years. I have learned so much from watching mom with her pups and am excited learning about more dog behavior at The Canine Bond. I am a avid dog lover and love to constantly learn more about them. I am always willing to learn new things as the dog world has so many new opportunities! I met Carrie when I asked her to come to my home and see what she thought about my home and my breeding program. I believe its important to learn from each other and have great relationships in all fields of the dog industry.